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Portal Manual

What is the client portal for?

In the client portal, you can stay updated with everything that is going on between your company and our agency. This includes social media statistics, billing, account details, and more!

How does the portal account password work?

Projects, SMM, and Billing are three different parts to the portal. Each one requires a separate account. This is to have separate access levels. Eg, accountant has access to billing, staff has access to SMM. An easy way for high level access employees to manage their accounts is to use the same password in all three of them. In the future we plan to make the access levels more seamless and remove the requirement for separate accounts.

How do I reset my password?

Click the forgot password button to reset. Keep in mind when you reset your password, it is only for the section you are in. Eg, if you reset SMM portal password, Billing and Projects will still have the same password.


You can view Scheduled Posts, and Published Posts under the Posts tab. You will also be able to view Post Details. Staff can initiate discussions from the Collaborate tab and will be able to view posts if they're tagged in them or in the comments. Staff can view the reports shared with them in the Reports tab and also export them as PNG or PDF files.


Billing is a portal where you can view and manage all your transactions. From there you can accept estimates or pay invoices as well as manage your profile.


Projects is for clients that have a contract based relationship with Axistart. In Projects you can stay in the loop about what's going on and collaborate with our staff.